About us

Rib bending is a process every Luthier embarks upon and there are many ways to achieve the end result. The journey there is almost always tricky but so satisfying when you get it just right! We realised through our experience and our colleagues that the bending iron itself can make all the difference. We spent so much time bumbling around with various homemade (often dangerous) solutions or repairing cheap and even sometimes very expensive bending irons that we eventually realised it could be done better. After all time is our most precious commodity!

We developed a bending iron which ticks all of the boxes and have to say, it changed everything. Being luthiers we have the experience to know exactly what’s necessary, we have deliberately engineered many details into our products to provide you with everything you actually need from your tools to get the job done again and again.

We are committed to providing all Luthier's with high quality products at an affordable price. Our tools set the standard across the board and we are delighted to share our Bending Irons all over the world, contributing towards our unique community and supporting British industry.