Why Luthier's Bench?

Our main advantages are; Our solid former casting, refined profile shape, rapid heating time, solid build quality and value for money. You do not have to waste time waiting for the bending iron to heat up or checking the temperature with a surface thermometer. You can plug it in and go, relying on the performance to save time and allow a more efficient project. 

Along with performance benefits, our design also enhances the lifespan of the bending iron. When the heating element and thermostat are used more efficiently they are under less strain. This is a large part of how our bending irons last for many years. We would rather our customer’s get a strong reliable product which they do not have to worry about. 

Much of the strength comes from using a cast aluminium base in conjunction with a cast former. After experimenting with both fabricated and wooden bases we found nothing to be as sturdy as castings. We then use two 8mm bolts to go deep into the former through a non-compressive heat shield material. This makes the bending iron absolutely ‘rock solid’ and avoids any wobble at all!