Rib Bending Strap

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High quality handmade spring steel rib bending straps with stainless steel handles and nickel plated brass rivets. We specifically use spring steel and not stainless steel for the strap because it provides the ease of flexibility and tension required to truly assist in bending the ribs. Highly durable and designed to last for years of service, our straps are suitable for all stringed instruments..

  • 0.2mm (0.007'') thickness for excellent flexibility
  • Hardened and tempered polished spring steel
  • Guitar/Cello/Double Bass strap has aluminium roller handles
  • Stainless steel loop handles
  • Brass fixtures
  • Handmade in England


  • VIOLIN: 300mm x 50mm x 0.2mm 
  • GUITAR/CELLO/BASS: 400mm x 127mm x 0.2mm 

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