Q. Can I get a student discount?

A. If you are currently a student please contact us directly to request a student discount code for 5% off your order value. 

Q. Do you ship to the USA?

A. Yes, we ship to the USA and Canada. 

Q. Do I have to pay VAT?

A. No, we are non VAT registered. 

Q. How long for delivery?

A. The typical time is around 1 week. but as all of our products are handmade to order please allow for up to 3 weeks for delivery. 

Q. What's the difference between bronze and aluminium?

A. Both metals will allow you to achieve the desired results.  The main difference is aesthetic and Bronze will oxidise more evenly over time. Both can reach up to 300C and have a similar cooling time. 

Q. What sizes are the bending iron formers?

A. Violin/Cello: L76xW36xH144mm / Guitar: L85xW46xH144mm / Double Bass: L76xW36xH210mm / Double Base 5 String: L76xW36xH225mm / Bram Double Bass: L135x66x230mm / Bram Violin/Cello L135x66x155mm

Q. How much is delivery?

A. When placing your order your delivery cost will be shown when you checkout. Please understand delivery costs may vary and are subject to change.

Q. How many Watts are your bending irons?

A. All our bending irons are 275W. 

 Q. Do you have to pay duty on imported goods

A. If you are outside of Uk you'll be charged Customs Duty on all goods received. Please refer to your goverment guidelines for charges.